Earth Day Challenge

Join us for a week long challenge to learn about and reduce single-use waste.

To celebrate Earth day, we’re encouraging all ages to take part in our Earth Day Challenge, a week-long exploration into all the single-use waste we come across in our daily lives. It all begins Sunday April 18!

How to participate:

Step 1: Download the U of T Trash Team Earth Day Challenge Card and mark off all the items you use until Earth Day (Thursday April 22).

Step 2: Pledge which 3 single-use waste items you will avoid using on Earth Day.

Step 3: After your pledge, take 5 minutes for a bit of personal reflection with a short survey about your experience and new knowledge on waste reduction!

Share your challenges and successes online:
Tag @UofTTrashTeam with #TrashTeamEarthDay. You got this!

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