Microplastic Spectral Libraries

SLoPP and SLoPP-E Raman Spectral Libraries for Microplastics Research

To increase the accessibility of methods for characterizing microparticles via Raman spectroscopy, we created two spectral libraries that are representative of microplastics found in environmental samples. Here, we present SLoPP, a spectral library of plastic particles, consisting of 148 reference spectra, including a diversity of polymer types, colors, and morphologies. To account for the effects of aging on microplastics and associated changes to Raman spectra, we present a spectral library of plastic particles aged in the environment (SLoPP-E). SLoPP-E includes 113 spectra, including a diversity of types, colors, and morphologies. The microplastics used to make SLoPP-E include environmental samples obtained across a range of matrices, geographies, and time. Our libraries increase the likelihood of spectral matching for a broad range of microplastics because our libraries include plastics containing a range of additives and pigments that are not generally included in commercial libraries. These tools were developed to improve the accessibility of microplastics research in response to a growing and multidisciplinary field, as well as to enhance data quality and consistency.

 Library curated by: Keenan MunnoϮ, Hannah De Frond, Bridget O’Donnell and Chelsea Rochman 

Questions? Contact: keenan.munno[at]mail.utoronto.ca 

Download these files if you are using WITec’s TrueMatch database and want to use SLoPP and SLoPP-E.